Solds Summary 2017

In Lincoln Square Lofts, a total of 21 condos were sold in 2017, ranging from $233,000 for a 750 sf floor plan to $365,000 for the 1,263 sf floor plan. Even though the market is not expected to appreciate as much in 2018 as 2017, we still expect prices to climb given the incredibly short supply of condos for sale. As Light Rail Homes experts, we can maximize your return on sale. Call or text us 303-523-4663 for details.

In 2016, for perspective, sales of Lincoln Square Lofts ranged from $210,000 for a July sale of an 750 sf loft up to an April sale at $298,750 for a 1,311 sf Loft with terrific views and 2 parking spaces.